Design Project »Don’t read, just WATCH«, Motion Graphics

Design Project, Winter Semester 2016/2017

The main assignment of this class was the design of a cinematic title sequence. Students were to pick a story that was not yet released as a TV- or streaming series or feature length film. Students developed individual designs, distilling key moments, scenes, concepts or topics from the stories to create unique looks matching the atmosphere they imagined. Works below also either composed or created the music and sound by themselves or worked with the respective compositors. The final presentation took place in the »Goli Theater«, an original 50ies movie-theatre in Goch, Germany.

Julian Schürmann

»Innsmouth«, fictional TV-series.

Simon Imdahl

»Dishonored«, fictional TV-series.

Vera Baranets

»Length of the Wave«, fictional TV-series.

Michele Mastrolorito

»On the Road«, fictional TV-series.

Katharina Kley-Steverding

»Shard of Order«, fictional TV-series.

Charleen Kaspers

»The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus«, fictional TV-series.

Teresa Joeken

»The Storyteller«, fictional movie.

Alex Render

»Jeffrey Dahmer«, fictional documentary movie.

Jasmin Kruse

»House of Leaves«, fictional TV-series.