DOT is the concept of singularity.

DOT: The video

This list contains festivals and events where DOT was or will be screened.

May 2014, Northwes Animation Festival, Portland, Oregon, United States

January 4 2014, Animated Type, College Book Art Association Conference Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

November 19 to 22 2009, Plateaux Festival, Poland

November 24 to December 1 2009, Michael Fakesch Film Festival, online

October 22-24 2009, Kinofest, Bucharest, Rumania

August 12 2009, MDR
DOT was screened on TV at the unicato-winners show.

July 30 2009, Leipzig, Germany
DOT was awarded with the Unicato-music-award by the institute for film of the Bauhaus Universität Weimar.

July 6 2009, 3sat
DOT was screened by the german TV station 3sat

June 20-27 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria

April 9 2009, Berlin, Germany

March 20-27 2009, Bilboa, Bizkaia, Spain

March and April 2009, Quito and Guayaquil in Ecuador; Guadelajara, Mexico

November 14-23 2008, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

November 22-30 2008, Lille, France

October/November 2008, Chongqing, Chengdu, Suzhou, Shanghai and MOMA Guangzhou (Kanton); People's Republic of China

November 4-9 2008, Braunschweig, Germany

August 14-18 2008, Weiterstadt, Germany

June 28 2008, Flensburg, Germany

June 26-29 2008, Dublin, Ireland

June 4-9 2008, Hamburg, Germany
DOT was nominated for the German shortfilm award.

May 1-6 2008, Oberhausen, Germany
DOT was awarded with the 3rd price of the Muvi-award.

May 1-6 2008, Stuttgart, Germany

May 2 2008, 22:45 h, Interview with Jörg Petri on “Tracks”, arte

April 17-20 2008, Sèvres/Paris/Saint-Ouen, France

January and february 2008, Vienna, Austria